A launch platform for aerospace components

Through its growing group of companies, Loar Group provides a wide range of expertise in manufacturing specialized products for the global aerospace market.

Loar Group’s diverse manufacturing capabilities are supported by engineering design and testing services available to develop tailored solutions and products to meet the precision performance specifications of aerospace clients around the world.

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Precision Forming and Machining

Across a broad spectrum of customer needs, the Loar Group team offers metallic and non-metallic component manufacturing. A great Loar Group strength is the number of specialized proprietary processing skills developed over decades by a team of experienced engineers. These unique elements offer clients an array of customized options to address both their structural component and engine component needs.

Established Loar Group market niches include hot and cold rotary swaging, hot-forming titanium sheet metal parts, thin-wall tube turning, four-axis machining of close tolerance, complex-shaped engine support brackets and assemblies.

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Loar Group is rapidly becoming one of the premier providers of high-strength, lower-weight carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) products as an alternative to metallic structures and components. Loar Group has the engineering skills and deep production experience to deliver the tangible benefits of using CFRP products. Several different state-of-the-art manufacturing processes are available to produce control rods, struts and tie rod assemblies.

Customers can also access rubber and composite manufacturing capabilities that include urethane, plastics and Teflon. Loar Group companies have developed hundreds of compounds that meet and exceed many of the standard specifications for unique applications.

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Specialty Products

Equipment designers will find a multi-faceted engineering team at Loar Group ready to partner effectively to produce high-quality precision components and assemblies in a timely, cost-competitive way.

Loar Group’s original equipment manufacturing (OEM) products include market leading niches in metals, titanium hot-forming, formulating and molding specialized rubber products, combination bonding, composites and insulated foil heat shields.

New product development and testing, custom tool design, and laboratory testing and analysis are among the other services Loar can provide to OEM customers.

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Fluid Controls and Filters

No matter the platform, Loar has the expertise and wide range of proven designs to develop a hydraulic and/or pneumatic system with our customers. Customer requirements can be met using our extensive design library and our accumulated years of specialized experience. The requirements can also be custom designed and qualified using our Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing system (CAD/CAM) and complete test capabilities.

Loar’s engineering group can provide expert assistance in design, prototype development, qualification and final production. Loar Group’s lean manufacturing processes and dedicated, innovative engineering will complement any aircraft manufacturer/integrator requirement for competitively bid, high quality and reliably performing components in its hydraulic system.


Ultra-High Temperature Plastics

As composite technologies evolve, material capabilities are continuously put to the test. Loar Group’s ultra-high temperature polymer materials and components are designed to meet our customer’s most challenging operating conditions. Loar Group produces a broad range of materials for products that require high-temperature resistance, low coefficient of friction and exceptional mechanical and thermal stability.

Offering a light-weight alternative to metals with a reputation for dependability and durability, Loar Group manufactured hardware is machined and certified to precise tolerances. Products include high-volume manufacturing of self-lubricating bushings, bearings, insulators, sleeves and washers.